The Divinity Road Area Action on Traffic Team have been extremely hard at work over the last year - Click here for their latest update (8 Sept 2020). 


Click here to find details of the LTN proposal - one of the 8+ Oxford LTNs now proposed.



Click here to find a map of the DV (Divinity Road and area) Residents' Parking Zone.  This is Council information as at November 2012.  To apply for a residents permit, go to https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/residents/roads-and-transport/parking/parking-permits/street-parking-permits.



Co -Wheels is a car club that operates throughout Oxford (and 60 other towns and cities across the UK) which enables you to have the benefits of access to a car without owning one. It has been around for many years in Oxford and is widely used by members of our community.  There are five of its cars in the DRARA area, including two on Southfield Road and one each on Minster rd, Stone St and Divinity Road (right outside the Co-op). Ideal for DRARA members.  Co-wheels is a social enterprise.

For more info and to sign up go to their website here.



Drivers with disabilities are permitted to apply for a designated Disabled Parking bay near their home.  Those who leave cars in those spaces without an appropriate Blue Badge will be given a parking ticket.  However, the spaces are not the personal property of the householder and may be used by any car displaying a Blue Badge.

If a car is parked in a designated Disabled Parking bay without a Blue Badge, this may be reported to the Oxfordshire County Council parking team.  More information can be found at: https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/residents/roads-and-transport/parking/where-park/blue-badge-parking-permits



A2Dominion Group, who manage Sinnet Court state: “It is a tenancy requirement that residents of Sinnet Court do not bring a car to Oxford, the only allowance is for unloading and loading purposes at the start and end of their tenancy.

We at Sinnet Court police the local area for suspected resident parking and we work closely with members of the local area when they believe they have spotted a car owned by a resident of Sinnet Court."


Amanda Green | Housing Officer
A2Dominion Group
ddi: 01865 202 438 | office: 01865 202 377 | fax: 01865 202 351
email: amanda.green@a2dominion.co.uk | web: www.a2dominion.co.uk/students
Accommodation Office, Sinnet Court, Southfield Road, Oxford, OX4 1FY



Oxfordshire County Council working with DRARA carried out a survey in November 2014 to collect data on volume and speed of traffic in Divinity Road, Southfield Road, Hill Top Road and Stone Street.  Download the resulting traffic survey data here.  The presentation for the comminity meeting that followed the survey can be found here.

We were advised to get this latest traffic survey done before embarking on our other work to raise drivers’ awareness of their inappropriate driving in these roads, namely more visible signage and community Speedwatch operations, in order to get an initial  ‘worst case’ picture. However, we do not really have this worst case picture: the positioning of the cameras was still problematic in this latest survey as they have to be fixed to street furniture that is managed by the council and where their view is not obstructed by parked vehicles, which leaves few options. But we do now have data that shows us the number of vehicles travelling in both directions over 24 hours in the roads surveyed over a period of one week, and a record of speeds. A first look at the data shows us that over a third of vehicles were exceeding the speed limit even at the points where the cameras were positioned, which were not necessarily the parts of the road where vehicles travel fastest.



With the support of our neighbourhood police officers, DRARA have run a number of community speedwatch operations.  The aim is, firstly, to draw drivers’ attention to their speed and, secondly, for the police to contact drivers who break the speed limit.  If you are interested in getting involved in future speedwatch operations, please contact us.  


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