DRARA is here for everyone in our neighbourhood. We value our area highly, enjoy and benefit from its diversity and its wider East Oxford setting. We are committed to working together as a community and with others to sustain it. At the heart of what we do is our belief that it is the relationships and how we work with others that makes where we live, and often work, so important to us.

This website is a very important part of how we want to communicate about what we do and involve as many people as possible. It tells you what we do, what is going on, and what has been achieved. It also tells you how you can support and get involved in the things that you like, and act on and report the things you don’t like to the right agencies.

DRARA is actively involved in work on the local environment, monitoring and responding to planning issues – we will be working on the next phase of Oxford’s Local Plan, works with others in dealing with anti-social behaviour, and has strong links with Oxford Brookes University. Underpinning all this however is the work that we do on events; getting involved, having fun and enjoying things together is at the heart of it all.


DRARA’s priorities for the following year are discussed at the AGM that’s held in October/November each year, and are then confirmed by the committee. Our current priorities were discussed at the AGM in October 2018 and confirmed at the committee meeting in January 2019.

  1. Work together and collaborate with relevant parties to represent our residential neighbourhood within the wider community.

  2. ​Continue to work on bringing people together particularly with events, email communications, Facebook and our website.

  3. Establish an effective incident reporting scheme to support decision making and policy development on local issues including: anti-social behaviour, traffic, drug dealing and drug use, theft and other crime.

  4. Continue to monitor and respond to planning applications and development of the next phase of the local plan.