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DRARA is here for everyone in our neighbourhood. We value our area highly, enjoy and benefit from its diversity and its wider East Oxford setting. We are committed to working together as a community and with others to sustain it. At the heart of what we do is our belief that it is the relationships and how we work with others that makes where we live, and often work, so important to us.

DRARA is actively involved in the wide rage of issues that impact on our neighbourhood: traffic, monitoring and responding to planning issues, working with others in dealing with anti-social behaviour, (we have strong links with Oxford University and Brookes University) and the local environment.


Two things under pin all this: effective communications and our events, which are all about getting involved, having fun and enjoying things together. This is at the heart of it all.


We have two main priorities this year:

  • ensuring the effective implementation of the Low Traffic Neighbourhood measures that we have been campaigning on for so long, and

  • dealing with anti-social behaviour.


We will be continuing to monitor and respond to local planning issues and licencing applications along the Cowley Road, work on improving our local environment, and develop active the partnerships with key agencies and organisations – the police, Brookes University, and the City and County Councils and our local councillors.

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