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DRARA and the Oxford Hub, have set up community support systems to help all residents in the Bartlemas area (which includes the DRARA area) who are or will be affected by COVID-19. 

We have divided the area into zones, each of which has a Street Champion.  The Street Champions are able to respond to the needs of their close neighbours by matching resident requests for support to volunteers in their zone.

In addition, we have set up a special email and phone number to ensure every person in our neighbourhood can get in contact if they need support - see below.

Bartlemas Area Map with key.jpg


If you need services or support:


  • Or phone or text 07724 294645
    (note: for emergencies call 999, for medical advice call 111)


If you want to verify an offer of help from someone you don’t know (eg, a leaflet through the door), please email/phone us using the contact details above.


If you wish to offer services or support, please:


  • Give your contact details to local neighbours who know you, who may (now or in the future) require support


  • And/or, if you are able to offer even more help, volunteer via the Oxford Hub website  Your details will be passed to the relevant Street Champion.


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