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DRARA Annual General Meeting - this Wednesday 16th October 2019

Come and join your Annual General Meeting, this Wednesday 16th October, 7.30-9.30pm, SS Mary & John Church. We are very pleased to welcome Ian Wright from the City council to present and then join discussion on the topic of HMO's in our community.

HMO's are a vital form of more affordable housing, and we are very happy to have worked closely with the City council to help develop licensing and planning policies that have pioneered Oxford's approach across the UK. Ian has responsibility for HMO licensing as well as residential waste and antisocial behaviour management across the City.

As one of the most saturated HMO neighbourhoods in the city, we encounter a number of issues and impacts that inevitably come from many residents living in landlorded properties, very often with short term tenures. Living in a house where your home is a room also brings social concerns such as isolation as well as greater complications to managing house security and refuse management.

This is an opportunity to learn more about how the system works, and explore what we as a community can do to support mitigation of these concerns.

In addition to Ian's attendance, we are pleased to confirm that both of our City Councillors, Jamila Azad and Tom Hayes will join us together with a strong contingent from Brookes University with whom we have a good working relationships; in addition to Andrea Siret who along with Emma Trundley are familiar faces, we warmly welcome Mary Pierre-Harvey the newly appointed Director of Estates and Jane Golsby, Head of residential Services and the incoming president, Harry Bower will also attend.

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