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DRARA plans to Light Up Lockdown!

The wonderful annual Oxford event, Oxford Lights Festival, with its lantern parade and city centre spectacles, is taking a different form this year… the team behind Lights Festival are encouraging communities to join in by creating doorstep celebrations and window displays.  We know our DRARA community will be keen to join in!  

We hope to: 

  • Fill our windows with stained glass stars

  • Create lanterns for the Lights Night Doorstep Celebration

We are creating packs of materials to help you with these projects - these will be available towards the end of this week.  To sign up for a free pack, please click here - we will then send instructions on where to collect a pack, get making and be involved in the Doorstep Celebration!  We have set up a WhatsApp group to share information on this and inspire each other - you will be sent a link to this when you sign up.

Our DRARA Lights Festival making project is for everyone in our community.  Following on from such a fantastic level of involvement in creating our pumpkin trail from all ages and all corners of our community, we would love everyone to get involved in this, all ages, and all levels of artistic experience!   There is going to be a city-wide Lights Festival Doorstep Celebration from 5:30-6:30pm, Saturday 21st November, and we hope as many of you as possible will be able to join in with this in our DRARA streets - let’s fill our streets with lights and lanterns!  

If you would like more projects to do for Oxford Lights Festival, take a look at the wonderful ideas on the Lights Festival website here.  You can also book to join in with Fusion Arts Build Back Brighter - online lantern making workshop this Saturday 14th 10am here. Thank you to Oxford Lights Festival for the micro-grant to enable us to buy the art materials for this project! Don’t forget - to get involved in the making project, sign up here!  For any questions, please email

And we aren't going to stop there - no!

We would love everyone to get into the festive spirit and make your front gardens and / or windows sparkle. The wonderful Living Advent will return this year, where we will share details each day of houses "lighting up". Please let us know if you would like to take part - the more the merrier!

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