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DRARA Green Flash #76 - DON’T BIN IT! FIX IT!


Is your hair dryer not working?

Is your electric drill jammed?

Has a wheel come off a child’s favourite toy?

Have you got broken equipment languishing in a cupboard?

Help is on hand.

The BRING AND FIX CAFE will help you to get household goods, broken toys and a whole range of items working again.

Located at the Bullingdon Community Centre on Peat Moors, the BRING AND FIX CAFE is open every Tuesday morning (except in school holidays) from 10.00 to 12.00.

In return for a small donation in aid of running costs, a team of friendly experts offers advice and assistance in how to repair and re-use items that might otherwise end up in landfill.

If you’d welcome help on how to get the best from your computer, that’s also available.

And you can enjoy free tea, coffee and biscuits too.

Bullingdon Community Centre is easily accessible from the Divinity Road area. Peats Moors is just a five-minute walk from the no 10 bus stop on Wood Farm Road. If you need to go by car, there is plenty of parking space

It’s a welcoming place and a hub of environmentally friendly activity. As well as the BRING AND FIX CAFE, there’s a SWAP SHOP from 11.00 to 12.00 on the second Saturday of every month. It regularly attracts more than a hundred people, with a range of books, clothes and more unexpected things to swap.

And in the same building, you can find the scrap store, ORINOCO, a treasure trove of things you never knew you needed, open Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 11.00-4.00

Bullingdon Community Centre is having a grand re-building later in the year but all these activities and more will continue in local centres. Just check their excellent website below for details.

And for anyone who can’t get to the Tuesday session, a flourishing Repair Cafe meets monthly at East Oxford community centre, offering sewing, darning, knife sharpening, fixing electrics, bike repairs, etc. They can't promise anything but if they can't fix it, they will give advice or suggestions. Well worth a visit or contact them to ask about what you need.

Remember, there’s no need to bin it when you can bring it and fix it!

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