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Leaflet and new website to help you report incidents

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Those living in the DRARA area should have just received a leaflet through your letter box, entitled "East Oxford - Report It!". This leaflet and supporting website have been created by DRARA and Bullingdon Road Neighbourhood Watch to make it easier to find the right places and ways to report incidents.

It is a nightmare to know who is responsible for potholes, who to complain to about noise, what to do if you see something suspicious, even knowing what problems you actually can or should complain or report about!?

Tackling this was agreed as a priority for DRARA at the last AGM.  We have been working with all of the relevant agencies who are responsible for resolving issues in our neighbourhood, and they agree, that it is vital that we do report them.

In partnership with them, we have created

It is a website that you can go to, regardless of the type of issue or incident, and be able to easily find and click through to register details with the relevant agency. You can also find phone numbers and email addresses, links to advice, as well as apps to use on your phone.

It is important to realise that, every incident should be reported and that often using the right app or going online can be the quickest and most effective way to get action.

Every report raises the importance of the issue, and, in the case of criminal behaviour such as drug dealing, trespassing and theft, adds to an overall picture that signif Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. icantly increases the chances of the police being able to solve the problem or bring the criminals to justice.

There is a new sense of collaboration with agencies where we have momentum to work together to find ways to tackle issues. We are already doing this with the Police who very recently confirmed East Oxford as one of its priority areas (City Centre previously).

Any feedback is very welcome as the website can be easily amended and further print runs are planned to share the information to the wider East Oxford community. We really hope it's helpful.

So please do keep the leaflet handy, and report every incident.  

It really will help make a difference.

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